Shaping our future as if we will live forever

Shaping our future as if we will live forever

Shaping our future as if we will live forever 1024 683 Paul Ward

Inspired by the movie, The Bucket List, and the song, Live Like You Were Dying, I hope this mantra of “Shaping our future as if we will live forever yet living today as if we will die tomorrow” will serve as a foundation for leading consciously. This mantra is from the book, The Inner Journey to Conscious Leadership: Ten Practices for Leading Consciously.


Conscious leadership is about learning how to shape the future while living mindfully in the present moment.

We all tend to live to some degree in each of the past, the present, and the future perspectives. The past perspective represents a degree of certainty that something has happened in a particular way, enables learning, and helps us avoid making the same mistakes again. The present perspective is about living mindfully in the now, not being concerned about the past which cannot be changed and limiting our concern about the probability or likelihood of future events. The future perspective of possibility thinking enables us to look forward and embrace opportunities based on our dreams and aspirations. Considering these three perspectives as interdependent polarities help us consciously select the perspective we are living in at any moment without losing sight of the other two perspectives.

So, what are you noticing in your life right now? What are your intentions about what you are noticing? What responsible actions will you take in response to what you are noticing? What is your level of commitment to taking responsible action? What is the future you are wishing to shape? Wherever you are on your inner journey to conscious leadership, the practices and behaviors described in the book will help you move forward, shaping the future as if you will live forever yet living today is if you will die tomorrow.


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