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Conscious Business Principles

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Combining the concepts of conscious business, conscious capitalism, inclusive capitalism, and other related Business-with-a-Conscience initiatives led me to define guiding principles for conscious leaders who aspire to build conscious businesses. As a certified conscious business change agent and signatory of the Conscious Business Declaration, I am committed to supporting the conscious business movement.

The six conscious business principles described in the book, The Inner Journey to Conscious Leadership are:

  • Conscious leadership: purposefully applying conscious leadership practices for the benefit of all
  • Stakeholder integration: honoring the interrelationship, interconnectedness, and interdependence of all major stakeholders
  • Conscious cultures: making the world a better place to live and work
  • Ethical imperatives: choosing the right path for the greater good
  • Beyond sustainability: contributing to the creation of a better world
  • Whole-systems thinking: co-creating, uniting, and integrating the separate fragments into the oneness of the whole

Each of these six principles will be explored in more detail in future blog posts. For more information, read The Inner Journey to Conscious Leadership.

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