Waking up to Wholeness

Waking up to Wholeness

Waking up to Wholeness 1060 427 Paul Ward

Conscious Leadership is about waking up to our own wholeness. So said Runa Bouius, Founder & CEO, TRUE Power Institute, in a recent Conscious Leadership in Action conversation with Paul Ward.  Runa went on to say, I believe we are all perfect, we are all whole, we have just forgotten. We are really like a diamond that needs a little polishing to allow our true nature to come up. We refer to that as our true power. We need to be going down into our true power, where the first step is to wake up, to become aware of our thoughts, of our feelings, of our behavior, of the impact that we have on other people; the impact that our actions, decisions and behavior have on people, whether it’s in our family or in our workplace, or on the bigger whole of the environment.

Runa also talked about her conscious leadership apprenticeship as being very shamanic and including teachings about the medicine wheel. At the center of the medicine wheel is what is called wholeness, or balance, or core, or power. Once we are in balance, we are in our true power, we are in our true nature. We all have much more power within us than we understand but we have been wielding power as power over. But evolution is pushing us forward to use power differently. We are going from power over, or patriarchy, to a model we used to use eons ago, which was a model where men and women are working together in union, and in collaboration, and they are wielding power to or power with; power with or to the people. Runa is wanting to inspire and ignite in people that have decided to commit to find their true power and then offer that power out to the world by wielding it in a positive way.

To listen to Paul Ward’s Conscious Leadership in Action conversation with Runa Bouius, go to: https://vimeo.com/358291824

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