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October 2019

Conscious Leadership in Action Podcast

Wake Up, Get Real, Be Happy!

Wake Up, Get Real, Be Happy! 707 398 Paul Ward

During my Conscious Leadership in Action conversation with Kevin Rafferty, the Conscious Leaders Coach, he said, There isn’t a CEO out there who isn’t still a little boy or little girl inside. Every CEO that I’ve ever met, when you’re behind closed doors, and they’re being honest with you, they all have confidence issues, and…

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Conscious leadership or conscientious leadership

Conscientious Leadership or Conscious Leadership

Conscientious Leadership or Conscious Leadership 2011 1175 Paul Ward

In this Conscious Leadership in Action podcast conversation, Eric Kaufmann suggested a distinction between conscientious leadership and conscious leadership. During our conversation, Eric said: Being conscientious means To Do the Right Thing. So, recycling, diversity, inclusion, fair trade, those are the right things to do. We applaud that. Recycling is really critical, the environment is…

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