Conscientious Leadership or Conscious Leadership

Conscious leadership or conscientious leadership

Conscientious Leadership or Conscious Leadership

Conscientious Leadership or Conscious Leadership 2011 1175 Paul Ward

In this Conscious Leadership in Action podcast conversation, Eric Kaufmann suggested a distinction between conscientious leadership and conscious leadership. During our conversation, Eric said:

Being conscientious means To Do the Right Thing. So, recycling, diversity, inclusion, fair trade, those are the right things to do. We applaud that. Recycling is really critical, the environment is critical, treating people fairly is critical. But there’s a distinction being conscientious and being conscious.

To be conscious means to be in unresisting awareness of the present moment and the interconnectedness of all of life. So, I could recycle, but be really hard hearted; I could recycle, but be so competitive in my behavior that I am diminishing the well-being of the people around me. I could recycle, but still harbor greed, jealousy, and insecurity and therefore be critical and sarcastic towards people on my team. So, recycling is wonderful. But to me, that’s not really what conscious leadership is about. Conscious leadership is about the individual awakening their consciousness and expanding beyond the ego construct of I Am This, to a life sentence construct, that says, here’s how we’re all connected.

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