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Wake Up, Get Real, Be Happy!

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During my Conscious Leadership in Action conversation with Kevin Rafferty, the Conscious Leaders Coach, he said, There isn’t a CEO out there who isn’t still a little boy or little girl inside. Every CEO that I’ve ever met, when you’re behind closed doors, and they’re being honest with you, they all have confidence issues, and they’re all afraid that they’re not doing it right. That they’re not smart enough, that they’re going to be found out, that they’re a pretender, that they don’t have all the answers. And yet, that fear has them putting up this facade of strength where it appears they’ve got it all under control. That gets them to a level of success that they cannot get past.

In today’s ever more complex world, more things are happening faster. They are dealing with a whole new generation of millennials who are out there driving all these baby boom leaders nuts, because they’ve got these walls and beliefs about who they are and how people are. And it’s more of a game, more of a win-lose in their minds; and they’re driven by fear. As conscious leadership coaches, we can help break down those fears and, if nothing else, help them learn techniques to overcome them.

Kevin went on to say: Start with your people. All business issues are people issues, first and foremost, and people issues relate to the false ego, the unconscious part of ourselves. So if we can break through those issues, and help them get into their own true essence and their own true selves, and tap into their own higher intelligences, they’ll come up with their own solutions. And then, my job is to help them figure their strategy for implementing and hold them accountable. That’s my role as a conscious leaders coach.

To listen to our conversation, go to: https://youtu.be/W4V3267RFGg

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