Purpose Discovery Journey

Purpose Discovery Journey

Purpose Discovery Journey

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Since my inventure in Tanzania in 2009, which was a walking safari adventure across the Serengeti combined with an inner journey of discovery, I have paid increasing attention to living purposefully. You may have read the story of my purpose discovery process in my book, The Inner Journey to Conscious Leadership. Emerging from my experiences as a hot-air balloon pilot, I described my purpose as “taking people higher in spirit, in business, and in life.” That higher purpose has served me well and I have helped many people discover their own higher purpose as part of my leadership and life coaching practice.

Now is the time for me to embark on a new purpose discovery journey: To expand my upperworld awakening and higher purpose, through the middleworld of ego, into the deeper lowerworld of soul encounter and a truly felt sense of purpose. I am embarking on a purpose discovery journey with purpose guide Jonathan Gustin where I will be working to find and then embody my soul’s deepest purpose. I am hoping this purpose discovery journey will help me deepen my understanding of who I choose to be and begin to answer the question posed by Mary Oliver: “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”  

The three-worlds model with the upperworld, middleworld, and lowerworld represents a simplified map of human consciousness. If you are interested in learning more about the model and about purpose discovery, I would be happy to share one of Jonathan Gustin’s insightful articles. Please send me a message via the contact page with your request.

For the next few months I will be focused on my new purpose discovery journey. I have made a commitment to expanding my previously discovered higher purpose, and finding, integrating, and embodying my deeper, soul guided life’s purpose. This is a journey of mystery that may provide an insight to my mythopoetic identity along with a soul encounter and maybe a glimpse of my deeper purpose.

I appreciate you taking time to read about my anticipated soul encounter and invite you to make a prayer for my success with this journey. Your well wishes would feel good to me. Also, I ask for your understanding over the next few months. I will be offering occasional updates on the journey but will be curtailing much of my usual social time to create space for this spiritual journey. If you wish to hear about my journey, please sign up for my Conscious Whisperer Newsletter.

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