Gut Intelligence and the Yogi Executive.

Gut Intelligence and the Yogi Executive. 1938 1085 Paul Ward

During my recent Conscious Leadership in Action conversation with Susan K. Wehrley, we talked about Gut Intelligence the Yogi Executive. When we get that ping in the gut that says something’s not right or something’s not congruent, we’ve got to listen to our heart. A heart that asks, am I willing to really look at…

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Living Mindfully

Living Mindfully 1068 439 Paul Ward

Ten behaviors of aspiring conscious leaders who are Living Mindfully, noticing what is going on. Conscious leaders live their lives mindfully. Mindfulness is a state of being aware of ourselves, other people, and our environment. We can remind ourselves to be mindful with a regular morning meditation practice or moments of mindfulness during the day…

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Above the Line

Leading Above the Line

Leading Above the Line 1037 442 Paul Ward

  Conscious leaders respond mindfully to situations in ways that generate desired outcomes, often leading from above the line rather than below the line. You may already be familiar with the success formula advocated by Jack Canfield, author of the Success Principles: E + O = R or Event plus Response equals Outcome. How do…

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Living Mindfully

Living Mindfully 878 463 Paul Ward

  Mindfulness in this digital age of emails, instance messaging, and social media alerts is challenging to say the least. Distractions are everywhere. Not only external distractions but also the internal distractions found in our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Rather than seeing the negative quality of the distraction and trying to avoid being distracted, can…

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Wine Lake

Silence and Stillness

Silence and Stillness 812 509 Paul Ward

  How often have you been speaking yet all the while suspecting that the person you are speaking to is not really listening? How often have you found yourself not really listening to what the other person is saying? Our minds wander naturally, and our lack of concentration is accentuated by barriers and filters that…

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Conscious Leadership Conversation

Conscious Leadership Conversation 1134 604 Paul Ward

  A Conscious Leadership Conversation: Stephane Leblanc with Paul Ward: The Inner Journey to Conscious Leadership. Conscious leadership is gaining increasing visibility but what is conscious leadership? Yes, it is mindful awareness with responsible action but what are the practices of conscious leaders? This conscious leadership conversation begins to answer these questions. Stephane Leblanc, Founder…

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Shaping our future as if we will live forever

Shaping our future as if we will live forever 1024 683 Paul Ward

Inspired by the movie, The Bucket List, and the song, Live Like You Were Dying, I hope this mantra of “Shaping our future as if we will live forever yet living today as if we will die tomorrow” will serve as a foundation for leading consciously. This mantra is from the book, The Inner Journey…

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