Gut Intelligence and the Yogi Executive.

Gut Intelligence and the Yogi Executive.

Gut Intelligence and the Yogi Executive. 1938 1085 Paul Ward

During my recent Conscious Leadership in Action conversation with Susan K. Wehrley, we talked about Gut Intelligence the Yogi Executive.

When we get that ping in the gut that says something’s not right or something’s not congruent, we’ve got to listen to our heart. A heart that asks, am I willing to really look at the truth? That could be anything from, oh my gosh my child is starting to make choices that I would deem undesirable or dangerous, or my relationship is starting to fall apart, or this job that I thought would bring me happiness and security no longer is. Whatever it is, we may need to square with that, look at the truth and make some changes. Oftentimes, we might not want to feel all that fear, disappointment or anger that might be associated with that emotion. There’s a lot of associated emotions that we don’t want to deal with.

Susan said, we can go up in our head, and we can rationalize it away. It’s amazing what the mind can do to skew the perception. But when we learn to just be with all of that emotion and trust the wisdom of our emotion, and use the mind, instead of rationalizing it, use it to ask ourselves how might I make a decision that aligns with my vision, values and goals? So, whatever that truth is, we can ask, what’s my vision for my life? What are my values, what are my goals? It really takes away all that getting stuck in the emotion. It takes away all that rationality. It helps us find possibilities we otherwise wouldn’t find.

Susan Wehrley is the author of the recently published book, The Yogi Executive, 7 Principles to Improve Your Gut Intelligence & Become a More Clear, Calm and Confident Leader. During our conscious leadership conversation, Susan talked about the yogi executive as somebody who is practicing groundedness and awareness.  We get grounded through our breath, through the practices of meditation and mindfulness. Also a commitment to awareness; awareness of what is going on around you and within you so that you’re showing up as your best self.

Being a yogi executive doesn’t mean you have to be an executive in a company, but it’s using that executive functioning part of your brain. So, everybody’s a yogi executive when they’re doing that. They’re creating that alignment. Susan went on to say, my gut is a brain.

Science says we have more neurotransmitters, neurons and hormones in the gut than we do in the head brain. Now, obviously, our head brain is what synthesizes that information and puts the logic and language to it, because our gut is unconscious. We can honor the gut as an unconscious information center, and pay attention to that ping in our gut and breathe into it. Just breathe into it and get curious, asking what this gut ping is all about?

If there’s one question I would teach people, it’s just when you get that ping, breathe, ask yourself, How might I know what this gut ping is all about for me? And then listen, listen to that inner voice. And as you put intention on making that a practice, in other words, honoring your inner wisdom, it will just get better. If I want to increase the muscle in my arm, I got to put intention on it; for example, lifting weights. And the first few times I do it, I’m not going to get the muscle I want but the more I practice, the stronger I’m going to get.

To hear more of the Conscious Leadership in Action conversation with Susan K. Wehrley, click the link below.

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