Off Self, On Purpose

Off Self, On Purpose

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In my recent Conscious Leadership in Action conversation with Josh Perry, Josh talked about three principles he has learned on his journey from Pro BMX athlete to multiple brain tumor survivor and inspirational speaker. Josh almost died because doctors thought his headaches were quite normal and it wasn’t until a routine brain scan following a training accident that two massive brain tumors were revealed.

Five years after Gamma Knife Radiotherapy was used to zap and shrink the tumors, two new massive masses were found to have grown on the other side of Josh’s head. Today, even though the tumors have been shrunk and are now stable, Josh lives with the knowledge of these tumors in his brain. Josh has adopted a ketogenic lifestyle to optimize brain health and, practicing mindfulness, is managing his stress levels more effectively. More than that, Josh is now helping others overcome their challenges and realize their dreams. He has developed three principles as a foundation for his inspirational messages.

Josh’s three principles are:

Perspective is Essential to Life. How we choose to see the world leads us to take action one way or another, and this determines our personality and creates our personal reality. When we audit our perspective and redirect it in a manner that serves us, we can then create abundance in all areas of life.

Health is Internal. Josh’s brain tumors weren’t showing up on the outside, but they were there all the same. The experience of a massive brain tumor taking over his life and almost killing him, led Josh to the ketogenic lifestyle to improve brain health, resiliency, and performance. Josh learned very vividly that health is not just what’s on the outside and now believes that our external being is a reflection of our internal health.

Our Reality is a Manifestation of our Choices. Understanding that our personality creates our personal reality and that health is internal, gives us the opportunity to manifest the reality we choose every single day. Josh says, I choose to manifest the life I desire, no matter how hard it may seem in the moment, and I encourage others to do the same.

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