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Cultivating Conscious Leadership

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In my recent Conscious Leadership in Action podcast conversation with transformational coach and spiritual mentor, Gema Ramirez, we explored how leaders can cultivate conscious leadership. Inspired by a recent Conscious Leadership in Action podcast, Gema has renamed her ebook with the new title, Cultivating Conscious Leadership. Hence the title of this blog post and video podcast.

Conscious leadership is an inner journey. Gema’s vision is to change the world to see everyone becoming a conscious leader, inspiring others, and coming together with our own unique versions of conscious leadership. Cultivating is also an inner journey, going within to find out who we are and discovering the conscious leader that is already there.

Cultivating conscious leadership is about learning and transforming but it is also about removing everything that is limiting our greatness. It’s removing the negative programming we may have, the limiting beliefs and old conditioning, all those unconscious things that are limiting our greatness.

During our conversation Gema introduced the nine qualities of conscious leaders from her ebook. The nine qualities are: authenticity, collaboration, inspiration, oneness, presence, equanimity, trust, inclusion, and greatness. These nine qualities are pointers for the conscious leader who can transform the world into the peaceful paradise that we all dream of and provide a great way of supporting people removing those old conditionings and limiting beliefs. To learn more about these qualities, listen to the podcast and read Gema’s ebook.

Gema has kindly provided a special edition of her ebook for readers of my blog posts and viewers of my video podcast. To listen to the Conscious Leadership in Action conversation or request a complimentary copy of the special edition ebook, click the links below.


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