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Sacred Changemakers

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Sacred Changemakers was the topic of my recent Conscious Leadership in Action video podcast conversation with Jayne Warrilow. Jayne is the founder of the Sacred Changemakers University and the Changemakers Society, and also founder and CEO of the Coaches Business School. I am one of the founding members of the Changemakers Society.

During our conversation, Jayne talked about the sacred invitation she received from her spirit guides, the formation of the Sacred Changemakers University and the Changemakers Society, and the giving projects aligned around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. Jayne also talked about her personal journey that enabled her to be open to receive this sacred invitation.

“We are the sacred changemakers, committed to following our soul’s calling. We are changing the landscape and redefining the world with our presence. We don’t just communicate, we connect. We bring hope. We start conversations that have the power to change the world. We listen deeply to ourselves, to others and to life. We live with our hearts, arms and minds wide open. We journey beyond our fears, doubts, and those who tell us it can’t be one. We are not afraid to disrupt the status quo, we speak our truth regardless. We are here to take bold action to become a powerful force for evolutionary change. We know we go further when we walk together, in community. We uplift each other, sharing our gifts for the good of all. We lead ourselves out into the world to pioneer, create, teach, love, save lives, challenge, grow, release, change minds, educate, and ultimately heal. We are the dreamers who are consciously shaping the future for the next generation.” (Source: The Changemakers Society News Magazine, April Edition).

You can hear more about the sacred invitation Jayne received in a video on the Sacred Changemakers University web page ( You can also explore the benefits of joining the Changemakers Society where members are making a direct impact on the United Nations sustainable development goals as they learn and grow themselves.

Listen to my Conscious Leadership in Action video podcast with Jayne Warrilow.

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