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Seeds of Consciousness
Seeds of Consciousness 1200 630 Paul Ward

Seeds of Consciousness

Our conscious mind is small in comparison to our vast unconscious mind. This unconscious mind is part of what Thich Nhat Hanh referred to as store consciousness. Describing consciousness as like a house, Thich Nhat Hanh suggested that store consciousness is the basement and mind consciousness is our living room. Mind consciousness is our active…

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Hope Blog Post Image
Hope 1320 682 Paul Ward


Hope is my word for the new year. I am sometimes weighed down by pessimistic perspectives on life’s challenges. This year I want to turn this pessimism around, going beyond simple optimism, to real hope for the possibilities of the future. This hope is defined as the belief that our future will be better than…

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Purpose Discovery Journey
Purpose Discovery Journey 2560 1345 Paul Ward

Purpose Discovery Journey

Since my inventure in Tanzania in 2009, which was a walking safari adventure across the Serengeti combined with an inner journey of discovery, I have paid increasing attention to living purposefully. You may have read the story of my purpose discovery process in my book, The Inner Journey to Conscious Leadership. Emerging from my experiences…

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Surrender 1200 562 Paul Ward


Surrender is my word for the year 2021. Rather than new year’s resolutions which frequently get diluted within the first few days of January, I advocate setting clear intentions. Not so much specific goals or outcomes, but intentions for how we wish to show up in the world. So, my intention this year is to…

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Sacred Changemakers Blog Post Banner
Sacred Changemakers 2339 1298 Paul Ward

Sacred Changemakers

Sacred Changemakers was the topic of my recent Conscious Leadership in Action video podcast conversation with Jayne Warrilow. Jayne is the founder of the Sacred Changemakers University and the Changemakers Society, and also founder and CEO of the Coaches Business School. I am one of the founding members of the Changemakers Society. During our conversation,…

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Contagious You 2012 1156 Paul Ward

Contagious You

Most of us think about being contagious in terms of a virus or ill health, especially at this time as the coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the world, but emotions and attitudes are also contagious. During my Conscious Leadership in Action conversation with Anese Cavanaugh, author of the book Contagious You, we talked about how…

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Leadership Breakdown 2012 1160 Paul Ward

Leadership Breakdown

In my recent Conscious Leadership in Action conversation with guest Eric Kaufmann we talked about his new book, Leadership Breakdown: How to break the vicious cycle, release the struggle, and succeed with conscious leadership. Eric has made awakening and expanding the consciousness of leaders his mission in life. Eric says that what makes a conscious…

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Conscious Leadership in Action
Cultivating Conscious Leadership 2012 1156 Paul Ward

Cultivating Conscious Leadership

In my recent Conscious Leadership in Action podcast conversation with transformational coach and spiritual mentor, Gema Ramirez, we explored how leaders can cultivate conscious leadership. Inspired by a recent Conscious Leadership in Action podcast, Gema has renamed her ebook with the new title, Cultivating Conscious Leadership. Hence the title of this blog post and video…

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Cultivating Commitment with Wise Leadership 2012 1172 Paul Ward

Cultivating Commitment with Wise Leadership

In my recent Conscious Leadership in Action conversation with Karen Wilhelm Buckley, we explored how leaders can cultivate commitment with wise leadership. During our conversation, Karen said that unless we are grounded and centered in what matters most, our leadership is not employed with as much veracity, as much strength, or as much power.

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Off Self, On Purpose 2012 1157 Paul Ward

Off Self, On Purpose

In my recent Conscious Leadership in Action conversation with Josh Perry, Josh talked about three principles he has learned on his journey from Pro BMX athlete to multiple brain tumor survivor and inspirational speaker. Josh almost died because doctors thought his headaches were quite normal and it wasn’t until a routine brain scan following a…

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