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Conscious Leadership in Action Podcast
Wake Up, Get Real, Be Happy! 707 398 Paul Ward

Wake Up, Get Real, Be Happy!

During my Conscious Leadership in Action conversation with Kevin Rafferty, the Conscious Leaders Coach, he said, There isn’t a CEO out there who isn’t still a little boy or little girl inside. Every CEO that I’ve ever met, when you’re behind closed doors, and they’re being honest with you, they all have confidence issues, and…

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Conscious leadership or conscientious leadership
Conscientious Leadership or Conscious Leadership 2011 1175 Paul Ward

Conscientious Leadership or Conscious Leadership

In this Conscious Leadership in Action podcast conversation, Eric Kaufmann suggested a distinction between conscientious leadership and conscious leadership. During our conversation, Eric said: Being conscientious means To Do the Right Thing. So, recycling, diversity, inclusion, fair trade, those are the right things to do. We applaud that. Recycling is really critical, the environment is…

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Committing to Action 1069 439 Paul Ward

Committing to Action

Conscious leaders articulate a compelling vision of the future aligned to purpose and passion. With a strong personal commitment to responsible action, they translate that vision into clearly stated goals and intentions that build understanding, alignment, and commitment in others.  A personal purpose-driven vision and a personal commitment to responsible action are prerequisites for the…

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Waking up to Wholeness 1060 427 Paul Ward

Waking up to Wholeness

Conscious Leadership is about waking up to our own wholeness. So said Runa Bouius, Founder & CEO, TRUE Power Institute, in a recent Conscious Leadership in Action conversation with Paul Ward.  Runa went on to say, I believe we are all perfect, we are all whole, we have just forgotten. We are really like a…

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Thinking Possbility
Thinking Possibility 1069 439 Paul Ward

Thinking Possibility

Having a purpose that makes the seemingly impossible possible can be enhanced by thinking and leading from a place of possibility rather than scarcity. Believing in multiple right answers, shifting from unconsciously limiting beliefs to consciously positive beliefs, linking generosity and possibility, and envisioning a future full of possibility, are all features of the Thinking…

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Exploring Purposefully
Exploring Purposefully 1063 439 Paul Ward

Exploring Purposefully

Ten behaviors of aspiring conscious leaders who are Setting Intention and Exploring Purposefully. Start with why! Simon Sinek, inspirational speaker and author, has been advocating this starting point in articles, books, and conversations for more than ten years, and there are an increasing number of leaders in organizations who now start with why. Individuals can…

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Living Mindfully 1068 439 Paul Ward

Living Mindfully

Ten behaviors of aspiring conscious leaders who are Living Mindfully, noticing what is going on. Conscious leaders live their lives mindfully. Mindfulness is a state of being aware of ourselves, other people, and our environment. We can remind ourselves to be mindful with a regular morning meditation practice or moments of mindfulness during the day…

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Learning Relentlessly 1070 534 Paul Ward

Learning Relentlessly

Ten behaviors of aspiring conscious leaders who are Noticing what is going on and Learning Relentlessly. Conscious leaders are constantly curious—curious about themselves, curious about others, and curious about their environment. When working with leaders, I look for curiosity. If they are not curious, they are unlikely to want to change. Learning relentlessly is about…

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The Tiger and the Strawberry
Listening With All The Senses 1067 439 Paul Ward

Listening With All The Senses

Ten behaviors of aspiring conscious leaders who are waking up, listening with all the senses, and noticing what is going on. Conscious leaders are waking up and becoming more aware of themselves, of others, and of their environment. They are listening generously with all their senses, feeling all their feelings, and creating space for becoming…

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Conscious Leadership
Conscious Leadership 1067 439 Paul Ward

Conscious Leadership

Creating a conscious business is not possible without conscious leadership. Purposefully applying conscious leadership practices for the benefit of all is one of the six conscious business principles described in the book, The Inner Journey to Conscious Leadership. The conscious leadership practices presented in this book provide a framework—noticing what is going on, setting intention,…

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