Leadership Breakdown

Leadership Breakdown 2012 1160 Paul Ward

In my recent Conscious Leadership in Action conversation with guest Eric Kaufmann we talked about his new book, Leadership Breakdown: How to break the vicious cycle, release the struggle, and succeed with conscious leadership. Eric has made awakening and expanding the consciousness of leaders his mission in life. Eric says that what makes a conscious…

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Conscious Leadership in Action

Cultivating Conscious Leadership

Cultivating Conscious Leadership 2012 1156 Paul Ward

In my recent Conscious Leadership in Action podcast conversation with transformational coach and spiritual mentor, Gema Ramirez, we explored how leaders can cultivate conscious leadership. Inspired by a recent Conscious Leadership in Action podcast, Gema has renamed her ebook with the new title, Cultivating Conscious Leadership. Hence the title of this blog post and video…

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Workplace Bullying

Workplace Bullying 1931 1152 Paul Ward

  Schoolyard bullying has garnered publicity recently with all too many cases of mental illness and even suicide as a result of being bullied at school. But what about workplace bullying? What is workplace bullying and how is it different to bullying at school? The Workplace Bullying Institute uses this description: “Workplace Bullying is repeated,…

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