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Hope is my word for the new year. I am sometimes weighed down by pessimistic perspectives on life’s challenges. This year I want to turn this pessimism around, going beyond simple optimism, to real hope for the possibilities of the future. This hope is defined as the belief that our future will be better than…

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Thinking Possbility

Thinking Possibility

Thinking Possibility 1069 439 Paul Ward

Having a purpose that makes the seemingly impossible possible can be enhanced by thinking and leading from a place of possibility rather than scarcity. Believing in multiple right answers, shifting from unconsciously limiting beliefs to consciously positive beliefs, linking generosity and possibility, and envisioning a future full of possibility, are all features of the Thinking…

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Exploring Purposefully

Exploring Purposefully

Exploring Purposefully 1063 439 Paul Ward

Ten behaviors of aspiring conscious leaders who are Setting Intention and Exploring Purposefully. Start with why! Simon Sinek, inspirational speaker and author, has been advocating this starting point in articles, books, and conversations for more than ten years, and there are an increasing number of leaders in organizations who now start with why. Individuals can…

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Setting Intentions for a Conscious New Year

Setting Intentions for a Conscious New Year 1040 439 Paul Ward

As the sun rises over the early days of the new year, this is a time to pause and reflect on our progress so far and to begin setting intentions for the next steps on our journey. Exploring purposefully, thinking possibility, and committing to action are the three practices for leading consciously within the theme…

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